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Wireless Flash News

A few weeks ago I got an interview request from Tara Koppel of Wireless Flash News – little did I know just how popular she was going to make me. Turns out that radio shows all seem to get their quirky news stories from the same place, and that place is Wireless Flash. So the brief and enjoyable interview turned into about half-a-dozen odd radio spots, and a bit in Macleans magazine (more on that later).

Anyways, enough blabbering on – here’s my favorite quote from the 10/2/08 article:

Finally, he urges public poopers to avoid double flushing at all costs.

As he puts it, “The double flush suggests that you’re taking a massive dump.”

Seriously though, does the double flush really serve any practical purpose? Have you ever clogged a toilet with a single poop? Does it really just magically flush all those odors away? I didn’t think so.

I was lucky enough to take part in a second story, which ran January 29th, 2009, in preparation for Valentine’s Day. The title you ask?

Don’t Say “I Do” T’il You’ve Discussed Poo

And of course, a highlight:

Sykes points out that some women find it attractive when a man changes a diaper and adds,

“Especially if it’s a massive poop blowout.”