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The Wall Street Journal Online

This may shock some of you. And it may appall others. But the ICBE, via our illustrious President, was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal Online Edition. Now by recently I mean February 11th, 2004, so take pretty much anything I saw with a grain of salt. I didn’t get paid a dime, but it was a lot of fun, and well the ICBE will pretty much grant anybody and/or their dog an interview if they ask nicely enough.

The article dealt with the spread of email throughout the house, including to the bathroom. I’m not allowed to print the whole article here, but I’ve copied some of the juicier tidbits below! By juicier, I naturally mean all the parts that involve me.

Michael Sykes, who runs a Web site on public restroom etiquette, agrees on the appropriateness of laptop use. He says he uses his laptop in his home bathroom about once a month when he doesn’t have reading material on hand, but never plans to use it in a public restroom.

“First of all, public bathrooms are usually not so nice,” says the 27-year-old biophysics graduate student at Stanford University. “Second, due to the mechanics involved it’s often useful to be able to put down the laptop, which is something that I would never want to do in a public bathroom.”

Good stuff! The article was by Jennifer Saranow, so go give her a hug. On, and that web site she mentions (sadly not by name) – you’re reading it