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Using Opposite Gender Bathrooms

From time to time we get asked about using bathrooms designated for members of the opposite gender. Really, this falls into two categories:

1) Using a multi-person opposite gender bathroom

There is really no situation, speaking from a perspective of etiquette, where this is a good idea. As a woman you may get away with nothing more than curious stares and/or unwanted attention, but as a man you are liable to get arrested (and perhaps for good reason).

2) Using a single-person opposite gender bathroom

This is where it gets tricky. You are a man (or woman) and there’s a line for your bathroom, but nobody is using the women’s (or men’s) facilities. And since only one person can use the bathroom at a time, there’s no harm done, right?

Hard to say. How are you going to feel when you come out of the opposite gender’s bathroom and there’s somebody waiting to use it? In this case, you really have to gauge just how urgent your need is.

If all you need to do is take a quick pee, then maybe you should wait for your bathroom. But if it’s just a quick pee, well you’re going to be in and out so fast you won’t hold up anybody.

On the other hand a major poop could be catastrophic if not addressed quickly, and there’s a line for your bathroom. But do you want to spend a long time in the other gender’s bathroom, and leave it stunk up for the angry person who is now waiting outside?

I told you it was tricky.