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Urinals With Partitions

Several astute readers have noticed the lack of information on these pages with regards to those urinals which have partitions between them. Acting on this glaring oversight I have personally conducted extensive research in this area over the last several months, sildenafil primarily consisting of using the bathroom in several different airports, ampoule which seem to employ the urinal partition quite heavily. Alas, site there is no simple answer to the question as to whether urinal partitions allow you to pee beside someone without breaking etiquette. You see, unlike men, not all urinal partitions are created equally. So once again we have to bring in our own good judgement to the situation. How does that urinal partition make you feel. Does it make you feel safe and shielded? Is it actually big enough to afford any kind of protection? If yes, then it may well be acceptable to pee beside another. Sadly, in the vast majority of cases, the partitions have been woefully inadequate, and thus standard urinal rules apply.

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