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The Ideal Situation

Etiquette for One Urinal

If you are lucky, and rarely is this the case, then you may be on the receiving end of what is only known as the “Ideal Situation.” This situation is, of course, the presence of one urinal. The etiquette here is simple: if it’s empty, pee, if it’s not, don’t. Period. Of course, a foray to the world of the public stall could be merited if the urinal is busy, but it is always preferable to busy one’s self with washroom related activity while waiting for the urinal to free up. Wash your hands, check your hair, check the floor for loose change, do the moonwalk, etc.

An important note: It is NOT considered proper etiquette to enquire to a peeing person if he is almost done. Nor is it seemly to attempt to peek in the urinal for activity. If you suspect the patron is merely standing around with his fly open, it is usually best just to keep those suspicions to yourself.

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