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Lack of Sanitation

Is it a sweet infographic on the global lack of sanitation or a crazy SEO scheme to drive people to From what I can tell, it seems to be both. @ohtinytony sent along a reminder of just how bad the water sanitation situation is for so many people in the world:

Click to see the full graphic

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an online nursing school to apply to!

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People Ask the Strangest Questions

User brudenell at

Back in Oct. 2009 I asked this question: Seeking size of world market . The question went unanswered. Now I am back instead of looking for facts I seek a reasonable guesstimate (an estimate arrived at by guesswork or conjecture) backed by how you arrived at the number, vcialis 40mg pilule to roughly arrive at a market size.

My question: How many restroom / lavatory / WC stalls are there in the world with a locking door? In many countries stalls exist with no doors. I only wish the number to be units that include doors.

Why in the world would somebody want to know that? My guess is that brudenell has invented a new toilet door locking mechanism and wants an estimate of the global market for an investor pitch.

Read the responses or contribute your own!

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Xenia Deli is in a Bathroom

I’m going to admit two things up front:

  1. I don’t have any idea who Xenia Deli is
  2. I don’t know why she’s in a bathroom

Now this is far from the first bathroom that has appeared in our Toilet Babes category, but it’s almost certainly the most heavily graffitied. I wonder if the bathroom is legit, or if some poor photography intern spent the better part of a week in there with a Sharpie making things look just right!

See some more pictures of Xenia at Hollywood Tuna

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Disneyland’s Secret Bathroom

I’m going to admit something right now – I’m not a frequent visitor of The Happiest Place On Earth even though I live only a couple of hours drive away. All that may change however now that I know this about Disneyland:

Disneyland has an awesome secret restroom!

Okay, it’s difficult to call something a secret when it has a rather extensive website devoted to it, but Disneyland’s Slightly Off the Beaten Track Restroom doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it.

The site puts it like this:

The moment you open its door (assume it’s unlocked), you will be overwhelmed by just how enormous the Secret Restroom is. As a point of fact, the Secret Restroom is not only larger than the average American home restroom, it’s larger than the typical Anaheim apartment that can be afforded on a Disneyland castmember’s starting salary.

Because the Secret Restroom is cleaned every half hour, it is always in a state of perfection and readiness, and even a glance shows the luxuriance of its copious amenities and artistic touches (each of which is detailed elsewhere on this site).

Heaven is a place where they clean public bathrooms every thirty minutes!

Disneyland’s Secret Restroom (via BoingBoing)

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A World Paved With Toilets

There’s a lot of things I would buy used, but I’d never buy a used toilet – and I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way. So what happens to old toilets? They end up in landfills, but that might start to change if the city of Bellingham has anything to say about it.

That’s right, they used poticrete – concrete mixed with 20% recycled toilets – to complete part of a trail system in the city. This may not save the world, but it’s a start!

Read the entire article and check out more sweet pictures here.

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Public Bathrooms, #2 and Locking the Door

Concerned reader G.W. writes the following:

OK – I have read through your site and I have run into a question on bathroom etiquette I haven’t yet seen addressed anywhere.

At work
The men’s bathroom has one stall and one urinal.
The men’s bathroom door locks.

Here is my thinking…

Acceptable multiple person use: (Reason to leave the door unlocked)
I am going in to do #1 and am the only occupant, I use the urinal, leaving the stall open for use.
I am going in to do #1 and the urinal is occupied, I use the stall and try and take long enough for urinal user to wash up and leave before heading to the single sink.
I am going in to wash hands only.

Situations for single use only: (reasons to lock door or leave and come back later)
I am going in to do #2 and am the only occupant, I use the stall but have locked the bathroom door so that no one else can enter the bathroom.
I am going in to do #2 and the urinal is occupied, I go to the stall and try and take long enough for “setup” that urinal user has time to wash up and leave before I get down to business. (someone with good etiquette would lock the bathroom door behind them so no one else is subjected to nasal collateral damage upon entering.)
I am going in to do #2 and the stall is occupied. The user is not practicing good etiquette. I lock the door for them and come back later or head to the other bathroom in the adjacent building.

So the reason I am writing is that I am taking flack for locking the door in the above situations. Am I out of line?

I don’t think I am and here is why…
When I lock the door I know what I am going to be doing in there. I don’t want company and believe me, they don’t want to be that company. Nothing about it is a bonding experience nor something I care to share. The same goes for when I walk in and someone is in the locked stall but the bathroom door is unlocked. I am instantly angry! Why? Why did you leave the bathroom door unlocked and assault me with your stench? Why couldn’t you have just stopped me outside the door with the simple press of a door handle button lock? Did you know what you were going to do when you went in there?

I won’t be offended that the door is locked. I am happy you spared me the disgust and revolt of having to have smelt what you have dealt!

Thank you very much!

(My hat is off to you, this stuff is complicated!) Keep up the good work

I’ve got to say, this is one of the most interesting and most difficult questions I have ever received. First of all though, I want to address this issue of the locking door. I’m surprised it’s possible to lock the door for another person. Wouldn’t this result in the potential situation where you lock the door, leave, there’s nobody in there and thus the bathroom is locked up with no way to enter it? Is this a pseudo-lock like you often find in homes which can be easily opened with a paperclip? It just seems like a very unusual setup for a public bathroom.

But let’s forget about that, because it really isn’t crucial to the question. We know the bathroom has a lock, and let’s assume that it is used perfectly and the door is never locked with nobody inside. The real question is, should somebody lock the door when they are doing a #2? Well to answer that we have to get to the root of what etiquette is all about.

Etiquette is about being concerned with other people.

In the context of a public bathroom, this generally means trying to minimize the negative impact your actions are having on other people, because let’s face it – there aren’t a lot of positive ways you can affect somebody by going pee or poo (unless the #2 mitigates a gassy afternoon at the office, but that’s another story for another time).

So let’s consider this action of door locking from the perspective not of the person doing the #2, but of the other people.


  1. Nobody has to listen to the sound of you doing a #2, which can be pretty gross
  2. The impact of the stench is abated


  1. People have to wait to use urinal and/or sink

But which of the above is most important? Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Clearly for G.W. they do. He’s a proponent of locking the door because he feels people are better off waiting outside for him to finish his business. The thing is, by his own admission G.W. is “taking flack for locking the door”, which implies the other people aren’t impressed.

And I think that’s really the bottom line. Despite his best intentions, G.W. is taking flack for his actions, and so the people have spoken. People would rather be assaulted by the stench than have to wait a couple minutes to go pee.

The flip side of course is that G.W. himself would rather wait. So the ideal circumstance is that he leaves the door unlocked, but that other people lock the door if they think he’s going to need to go pee, but it’s impossible to predict when that will happen.

And speaking of the stench, it’s hard to know how much it helps to not be present during the actual event. Most public bathrooms don’t exactly have great ventilation, so I’m not convinced that it’s any less stinky to go pee right after somebody finishes going #2 than it is while they are actually going #2.

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Tucking Your Shirt Back In

Let’s assume that you are wearing a shirt that needs to be tucked in. Now let’s further assume that you need to perform a #2 in public. Naturally, as part of the process, that shirt is going to become untucked. When do you think is the appropriate time to tuck it back in, before you exit the stall or after you exit the stall?

Here’s a hint: It’s not after!

This tip may or may not be based on my recent personal experiences…

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The Stuph File – Peter Anthony Holder

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of being a guest on Peter Anthony Holder’s radio show. Well traditional radio is on the way out, online radio is on the way in and Peter has a new home at (and a related blog too). Naturally, as his most popular previous guest (I totally just made that up) Peter invited me to be on his new show.

You can tune in this coming Monday, December 26th over at or CyberStationUSA – prepare to be delighted! We talk about life, the ICBE, general bathroom etiquette and of course the latest fancy urinal video games.

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ICBE Prize Pack Winner

The ICBE’s illustrious President had the chance to attend a White Elephant party this weekend, and took along a gift loaded with ICBE merchandise for the exchange. Hey, it’s all about marketing, right? The eventual recipient went through the usual range of emotions upon opening his gift: Disappointment, confusion, curiosity, more confusion and finally acceptance and perhaps even a hint of happiness.

I managed to capture a picture of the handsome devil in his beautiful new ICBE shirt, but he preferred that I obscure his face for reasons of privacy (embarrassment):

Congratulations mystery winner!

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Urinal Gaming All Over Again

What do you get when you mount some Windows 7 powered tables above urinals? A pee powered collection of video games for guys that get bored really easily. My first thought when I saw this was: Hang on, other guys are going to touch their junk, then touch the screen, and them I’m supposed to touch the screen? Why don’t I just go ahead and touch their junk directly?

The good news is that you don’t appear to need to touch the screen to play, as it automatically senses your activity. Still, I spotted a screen with high scores – how did those get in here?

Read the full article and watch at video at BBC News (via bah)

PS: Your-rye-nal?
PPS: Previously

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