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Talking in the Bathroom


Men? – No
Women? – Whatever

For men, talking in the bathroom is strictly forbidden. As a general rule you may acknowledge the presence of others by slight nods of the head or monosyllabic grunts, if you feel ignoring them completely would be overly insulting. Otherwise you are to keep your mouth shut, do your business, and exit in an orderly fashion.

Now women on the other hand, you can probably ignore all that. You are taking so long in there we know you can’t possibly *just* be going to the bathroom, so you must be talking with the other 7 girls that went in there with you. Frankly us men haven’t got a clue what happens in those women’s bathrooms.

A Few Exceptions:

  1. Small Children: If you are taking a small child to use a public bathroom, obviously you are going to need to talk to them. However, it is your duty to encourage them not to talk to anybody else while they are in there, to make sure they wash their hands, and to promote proper bathroom etiquette.
  2. Really Old People: Bathroom etiquette is a dynamic and constantly changing field, and it’s possible that some elderly individuals have somewhat different ideas about proper etiquette than we generally agree with here at the ICBE. So if a kindly gentleman says hello to you at the sinks, feel free to say hello back. That’s okay. But if he pulls that crap at a urinal, forget about it.

Bathroom Etiquette For All Those Special Situations