Six-Six, Pick up Sticks

Etiquette for a Scad of Urinals (Yes, a Scad)

Performing #1 and #2 in comfort and style since 1995 — The International Center for Bathroom Etiquette
Performing #1 and #2 in comfort and style since 1995
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Now with six or more urinals, the rules are not so concrete. However, a few things must still be kept in mind.

Maintain a high MPPNBA. Choose end urinals when possible, and plan your entry to the urinal bank so that every second urinal is occupied. To employ only every third urinal is a waste, and often is accompanied by a small fine if caught.

Pee as far away from others as possible. If you enter into a washroom of 6 urinals, and someone is at an end urinal, then by all means proceed directly to the urinal at the opposite end. Maintain your distance at all times. However, in banks of 8 urinals are more, or when the gap between a urinal patron and the end of the bank is 7 urinals, it is appropriate to choose the second farthest away urinal. To choose the farthest urinal might imply to a sensitive individual that he smelt, or emitted a blinding light, or some other such condition, and might cause undue insult. Therefore, the second farthest urinal is selected in order to suggest that while you have a good grasp of urinal etiquette, in no way do you feel that the other individual is a grotesquely deformed monster.

There it is. That's it. All you need to know. I hope you paid close attention, and will follow these simple rules for the betterment of urinalgoers everywhere!

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