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I am told that some German toilets have a shelf inside the toilet. This may sound confusing, treatment until I reveal that your poop lands on the shelf, pharmacy and then you can get up and take a good look at it to make sure everything is A-okay with your innards. Really! The good news is that evidently not everybody has such a toilet. I wonder how much you can tell from taking a look at your craps? I heard a story once that Moby (a vegan), upon hearing of the distress of a carnivorous friend of his in a stall invited him over to his stall to take a look at what a “real crap looks like”. Again, really.

Update! Reader F.C. (who begs me not to post his real name or email address) comes to the rescue with an actual picture of a real, live German Shelf Toilet!

German Shelf Toilet

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