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Hanging the Toilet Paper

Unless you have one of those weird vertical toilet paper holders – and if you do, please accept my sympathy – there are precisely two ways to hang the toilet paper, over and under. While most people have a preference, there are merits to each.


This is the way hotels do it, which leads many people to proclaim it is the correct way to hang toilet paper. It is arguably more aesthetically pleasing, but aesthetics are subjective, and some would disagree. It certainly displays more of the outside of the roll, so if you’ve invested in some fancy TP with pretty designs, you may prefer this method. That’s not however the real reason hotels hang the toilet paper this way. They do it so the housekeeper can fold over the end into that little triangle deal that signifies housekeeping has, at the very minimum, come into the bathroom and folded over the end of the toilet paper.


This method is functionally superior, offering easier rolling up of excess paper, and easier tearing off of a strip from the roll – especially one handed. It also gives you a few extra inches to maneuver, which can be a real blessing in cramped quarters.

So which is better? While the ICBE hangs its toilet paper under, our official position is that you should just do whatever your wife (or whoever) tells you to. Trust me on that one. And if you are single, why are you asking me? Hang it whichever damn way you please, until somebody you are trying to impress (or much, much bigger than you) tells you to hang it the other way.

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