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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Did you like that Toilet Paper Fashion Show we wrote about awhile back? Well then you’re really going to like this Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest! Stephanie Stutzenberger walked away with $500 for her winning entry, pictured below. Not bad at all, I wonder what brand she used?

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Check out the other finalists

Thanks to mhh5th for the heads up on that one.

March 10, 2007   2 Comments

Update on the American Idol Pee Girl

A couple of days ago we posted that picture of the American Idol Chick on the toilet. Well I don’t know if you’ve been following the whole story with that and a host of other pictures (god knows I haven’t), but The Bastardly has some updates on the matter:

Update #1!
Update #2!

Short version: Some chick named Amanda Coluccio is spreading them! Who the hell is she anyways? Probably another lame American Idol chick.

February 25, 2007   No Comments

Oksana Anderson in the Bathroom?

My new BFF The Bastardly recently posted the following picture of Oksana Anderson, who appears as if she may well be in the bathroom!

Oksana Anderson in the Bathroom?

Well, there’s a whole bunch of shiny tiles in any case…

See more pictures at The Bastardly

February 25, 2007   2 Comments

American Idol Toilet Babe: Jersey Girl

I don’t watch American Idol. However, I do sometimes read gossip news sites which report on things related to the show, and imagine my surprise this morning when I found a piece of news that was both American Idol related and bathroom related! Apparently one of the contestants this season (who goes by the moniker Jersey Girl) has a few interesting pictures of herself floating around the internet…

American Idol Jersey Girl on the Toilet
Image borrowed from The Bastardly

Read the full “story” here

February 15, 2007   13 Comments

A New Category: Toilet Babes

That’s right, it’s time for the introduction of an entire new category here at Porcelain: Toilet Babes. With toilet babe related post #5 about to be made, I figured it was high time that the subject deserved a little official recognition.


February 15, 2007   No Comments

TP Fashion Show

Our hottie reader J sent us a heads-up about an interesting fashion show. The Cashmere Student Design Competition featured dresses made up entirely of – you guessed it – toilet paper. Now I lived in Canada for 21 years, but I this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Cashmere, which bills itself as “Canada’s #1 Selling Bathroom Tissue.” Still, I have to respect any company that loves TP so much it devises a way to force models to strut around swathed in the stuff!

Elle Canada reports on this year’s competition, where 20 year old Nancy Hoang took the top prize.

Cashmere Design Competition

Pictured is a design from Quynh Nguyen. You have to love the choice of accessories…

November 16, 2006   1 Comment

Welcome Naughty Surfers

Web traffic is a funny thing sometimes. Last week one of our previous posts started getting a lot of traffic. Usually this means some other site has linked to you, but all indications this time was that people were coming in on Google searches. The post was from December 2005, so it’s not new, and I can’t understand why it became so hot all of a sudden. Maybe Google changed their ranking algorithm and we shot to the top?

Anyways, why do I say “Welcome Naughty Surfers“? Well the post in question is entitled Hot Chicks… on the Toilet?. And the number one search query for people coming to the page?

hot chicks on toilets

Well, I guess we could have guessed that 🙂 .

So here’s another picture from the site for all you folks…

Hot Chicks on Toilets

October 31, 2006   4 Comments

Hot Chicks… on the Toilet?

No, your eyes do not deceive you, we are presenting an entire site dedicated to “hot” chicks on the toilet. Maybe this is the latest fetish craze to sweep Japan, or maybe this is just the workings of some morning radio show hosts. I’m going with the latter. Nevertheless, there are a few pictures of chicks (not all of them hot), on or in the proximity of a toilet. Once more with the grand tradition of finding tenuous connections to scantily clad women!

Hot Chicks on Toilets

Visit the site here

December 7, 2005   10 Comments

The Toilet and… Scantily Clad Women?

Okay, it happened once before that I managed to cobble together a post involving pictures of attractive women with a tenuous connection to all things toilet and bathroom related. I’m pleased to say, I’ve done it again. Thanks to a post on Metafilter, I discovered The Toilet, a site devoted to all sorts of tomfoolery. Including the Page 73 Girl (which I can only assume is a takeoff on Page 3 Girls). Except it looks like they only have one girl. Anyways, here she is, in her not-really-that-scantily-glad glory:

Page 73 Girl

October 6, 2005   2 Comments

Urinals and…. Hot Babes?

Any excuse to post links to pictures of hot women I suppose…. but it does have a bit of a bathroom twist. Turns out that Running With Scissors has a newsletter called The Urinal. No, I don’t know why. All I know is that Jennifer Walcott is the July 2005 model of the month. This is in the news due to a recent partnership with Alpha Models.

Jennifer Walcott

Check out this month’s newsletter here, or the Press Release here

July 21, 2005   2 Comments