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Category — Toilet Babes

Angelina Jolie on the Toilet

Is it just me, clinic or has Angelina come a long way since these days?

Angelina Jolie on the Toilet

See others which appear to be from the same shoot, view but which do not include the pic above, here

August 29, 2008   No Comments

Boring Alyssa Milano

I don’t get it either. We’ve got Alyssa Milano in what must be the most boring female-in-the-shower photoshoot ever. Maybe the studio stills from a print campaign for a shower fixture company?

Alyssa Milano in the Shower

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September 27, 2007   No Comments

Dr Dot?

Once again we have a post but for no other reason than a picture of a woman on a toilet. The lady in question today is one “Dr” Dot, massage therapist to the stars (evidently).

Dr. Dot


September 22, 2007   7 Comments

Penelope Cruz for Mango

Mango is fashion for the young, urban woman. How this involves Penelope Cruz in a bathroom is beyond me, so I’m going to have to defer that question to their marketing department.

Penelope Cruz for Mango


September 15, 2007   1 Comment

Plumber Babe Jo

Kohler has a new website going on featuring a sexy plumber babe. Listen to her opening spiel (or not, if you have your sound turned off like me), and then click on various things to watch her flush them down the toilet. Or just head on over, and enjoy the view.

Sexy Plumber Jo

Jo’s Plumbing (via)

July 12, 2007   No Comments

I Hope They Cleaned The Floor

No, seriously, I really hope they cleaned the floor!

Clean that floor!

On Flickr

May 11, 2007   No Comments

2007 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Begins!

Cheap Chic Weddings sponsors an annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest (you may remember the winner of the 2006 competition), and their 2007 contest has just begun! You have until June 15th to enter, and the Grand Prize is a cool $500.

2005 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Winner
Check out 2005 winner Rebekah

Head on over and enter the contest

May 7, 2007   No Comments

Lisa Marie Scott Looking Good in the Bathroom

Honestly, I can’t imagine what posseses somebody to do a sexy lingerie shoot in the bathroom. But I guess it’s a good thing it happens, because otherwise we wouldn’t get to feature these lovely ladies here at Porcelain. Lisa Marie Scott seems to have forgotten to attach anything to her garters, so let’s just hope she remembers to wash her hands.

Lisa Marie Scott in the Bathroom

Check out the rest of the pictures here

April 11, 2007   2 Comments

Nicole Eggert in the Bathtub

The Bastardly does it again, this time with pictures of Nicole Eggert in the bathtub and elsewhere. You may remember her from her days as Summer Quinn on Baywatch, or just from generally being hot.

Nicole Eggert in the Bathtub

Check her out at the Bastardly

March 23, 2007   No Comments

Jessey Meng Pisses Off the Chinese

Want to piss off the Chinese? One way would be to make fun of their toilets and toilet habits on national television, like Taiwanese model Jessey Meng did. From the article (no longer available):

Dubbed “toilet-gate”, the video of Meng’s on-air performance, which also included a swipe at Chinese state television, was posted on major mainland Web portal, and generated more than a million posts from indignant Web surfers, state media reported.

I suppose I could track down some of these indignant posts, but I’m just going to post a picture of Jessey instead.

Jessey Meng

Check out Jessey’s website

March 10, 2007   No Comments