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Space Potty Video!

Here at the ICBE, we generally restrict ourselves to terrestrial bathroom etiquette for the simple reason that not a lot of people poop in space, and nobody has yet proven the existence of pooping aliens.

Still, every once in awhile it’s nice to think about the needs of astronauts, who occasionally are going to need to bust out a Zero G poop. If you’ve ever wondered how it’s done, here’s your answer:

via mhh5th

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Cirque du Soleil Uses Dual-Flush Toilets

The ridiculously hot Mrs Dr ICBE and I had a rare child-free evening this past weekend, which we decided to spend at Cirque du Soleil. If you’ve ever been to Cirque before, you have a pretty good idea of how our evening went. It was pretty much 2.5 hours of Oh my god, how are they doing that! and Please, please, please don’t fall off! and Oh yeah, I could totally do that if I was wearing better shoes.

What I did not expect however was my first (First!) ever sighting of a dual-flush toilet in the flesh porcelain. Cirque uses those super-fancy almost like actual bathrooms porta-potties, and this is what awaited me inside, on top of the toilet:

Conveniently, they even had a sign explaining everything:

We are using dual-flush toilets to reduce our water consumption.

Now I’m not a big fan of the euphemisms of “Solid” for poop and “Liquid” for pee, but I’m prepared to cut them some slack for their water conservation efforts. Nice!

March 30, 2010   1 Comment

Crazy Friday MeFi Link Roundup

It’s Friday, and it’s been a long week of incessant #1 and #2 here at the ICBE. Ever feel like you go pee, and then a couple hours later you just have to go pee again? Makes me wonder what the point is sometimes, but I digress. Things have been building up in the inbox, and it’s time to shed some weight, starting with sensible discussion over at The Blue. Seriously though, if the people over at Metafilter cannot discuss a topic sensibly, then that topic cannot be discussed sensibly.

1) The Sexual Politics of Toilets

All that work, and she doesn’t even mention transgender public restroom facilities?


2) Animal, Biodegradable and Compost Toilets

Sh_ttiest FPP we’ve seen in a long time.

-cenoxo (pun intended!)

3) Pants Pankuro: Toilet training in Japan

As somebody who makes a living by (among other things) toilet training tiny little Japanese children, I have seen Pants Pankuro on many, many diapers but never knew his name until this post. Thanks!


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Please, Please, Please do not make me use this toilet!

Dear God No!!!

At There, recipe I Fixed It, via Marc at Home Fixated

March 17, 2010   3 Comments

Separate Your #1 and #2 With a NoMix Toilet

If you’d have asked me whether #1 or #2 was the bigger problem for water treatment, I would definitely have said #2. Turns out that #1 is a pretty big problem in and of itself, contributing the majority of both nitrogen and phosphorus in our wastewater.

A possible solution? Separate the pee and the poo at the source for better processing! Now getting pee and poo to a treatment facility separately would require retrofitting the entire plumbing infrastructure – it’s not going to happen. But removing the pee and allowing homes and businesses to convert it to fertilizer, well that’s at least within the realm of possibility.

An important first step towards this goal is the NoMix toilet, which is starting to gain traction in Europe.

Image courtesy of

Oh yeah, one more thing – men you are going to need to sit down to pee for this to work!

Read more about NoMix toilets here (via BoingBoing and mhh5th)

March 16, 2010   No Comments

Women – It’s Time to Pee Like Men

Devices to help women pee like men – that means standing up, not all over the seat – have been around for several years now. We wrote about the P-mate back in 2005, and there have been several iterations and variations since. Salon writer Michelle Rabil however recently hit upon what could be a key technological development for the genre:


See, the general idea is to equip women with cone/funnel-like device, which can be peed into and used to direct the stream of urine wherever it needs to go, all from a comfortable standing position. But the non-disposable ones, well, like Michelle says:

I don’t want a long-term relationship with a urination device. If you’re not near water, you’re stuck carrying around a urine-soaked object.

Amen to that, and enter the Urinelle.

At about $1/use they aren’t exactly cheap, but for travelling, super-gross toilets and general emergencies it may be well worth the money. Take for instance Michelle’s experience on an airplane:

With my trusty pseudo (and flushable, no less!) penis, I became master of that airplane bathroom domain.

If you’re handy, she even suggests making your own – cone-esque pieces of sturdy paper are not exactly rocket surgery!

Read the full article at Salon

via mhh5th

March 12, 2010   1 Comment

High Tech Toilets, the ICBE and MSNBC

MSNBC ran an article about high tech toilets recently. Now even under normal circumstances this might be of some interest to us here at the ICBE, patient but this article was particularly special. Why? Because we were featured of course!

Take this little gem of insight from none other than yours truly:

There’s a lot of fear surrounding a bidet

Hmmm, there I totally remember saying way cooler things than that! Now in fairness, sickness the author (Diane Mapes) did warn me much of my material would need to be sanitized – no pun intended.

And if you are visiting from MSNBC: Welcome, please feel free to stay awhile.

March 11, 2010   No Comments

Cashmere Loo Roll

Really, it’s any excuse to use the term loo roll. But this time it’s UK retailer Waitrose who has decided that wiping your buttocks with toilet paper containing cashmere extract is just the ticket, for, well, I have no idea.

While I would hardly approve, I would totally understand the appeal of wiping yourself with, say, a cashmere sweater. That stuff is soft, and I bet it would feel really nice (anyone care to comment on the absorbency of cashmere?). But just slapping a little extract in there and calling it a day seems remarkably lame.

More at Consumerist (via)

March 1, 2010   No Comments

Lift and Lower That Seat With the Johnie-Lift

Here at the ICBE we get a lot of email from people who seem to have missed the concept of the site entirely and want us to enter into a wholesaler agreement to sell bathroom fixtures. So it’s a real treat to get an email about a product that’s actually relevant to bathroom etiquette.

As you probably know, the ICBE’s official position is that the toilet seat should be left down. The one thing about this is that, especially in mixed male/female environments, this involves a lot of raising/lowering the toilet seat.

Enter the Johnie-Lift, a small handle that attaches to the seat to minimize actual contact with the (hopefully not too) germ-laden surface. Paul writes the following:

The discussion on whether to leave the toilet seat or down wages on, however I believe in leaving it down. My wife has me well trained and it makes sense to me anyway.

Back in 1963, my In-Laws made a small handle for the toilet and won approval from Sears & Roebuck to carry it, but they did not have the resources to make the injection mold.

Now, after some 46 years, my wife resurected the product, including upgrading the look to be decorative in order to blend in with today’s bathrooms. We used the same name that my In-Laws came up with way back.

Our product is the Johnie-Lift – a decorative toilet seat handle that installs instantly and provides a more sanitary way to raise and lower the seat, eliminating any direct contact. While this a small step in the overall germ prevention program, combined with other simple ideas will make a big difference. It may also reduce the incidence of arguments.

We are a small, family-owned company located in Thousand Oaks, California and we need help in getting our message out. Please let me know if you could help us.

Well, I’m not really sure about the marketing power of the ICBE, but we’re happy to try. Head on over to the Johnie-Lift site to check them out, and order a few. At $2.95 a pop they are nothing if not reasonably priced.

February 28, 2010   3 Comments

Retrofit Your Toilet For Dual-Flush Now!

Dual-flush toilets are a favorite topic of ours here at the ICBE. A little flush for pee, a big flush for poo, your wallet and the environment are both happier. Thing is, these really haven’t found their way to North America – that is perhaps, until now.

The fine folks over at Home Fixated brought One2Flush to our attention today. Simply put, it’s an inexpensive kit that allows you to retrofit your current toilet with dual-flush capabilities. Awesome!

February 19, 2010   1 Comment