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Category — Celebrities

Prince William Drinks Beer From the Toilet

Okay, maybe it’s not a regular occurrence, but it sounds like Prince William (the older one), is set to do a little toilet drinking as part of his Royal Air Force “training”. While all his younger brother has to do is strip down naked and run the length of a runway in freezing cold weather, William has to drink beer from a toilet with a straw, while people pour buckets of ice over his head.

Lamest initiation ever?

Prince William, a Straw and a Toilet Full of Beer


February 27, 2009   No Comments

7 Bedrooms, 10 1/2 Bathrooms

Holy crap – that’s a lot of bathrooms (pun intended). In case you were wondering, those are the relevant specs on the house Richard Gere just put on the market for a paltry $8.8 million.

By my calculations that’s about $838k/bathroom – cheap!

Read (but don’t waste your time with the pictures, there aren’t any of the bathrooms)

February 13, 2009   No Comments

David Beckham vs. Gossip Girl

David Beckham – perhaps the world’s most famous soccer player.

Ed Westwick – who?

No wonder the Gossip Girl (what?) “star” was a little intimidated when he ran into Beckham at a party the other day.

Why is this news here? The non-encounter took place in the bathroom…

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The Beckhams

Beckham’s penis has been liked to a tractor exhaust pipe after all…

December 30, 2008   2 Comments

Mark Wahlberg Pees – On a Wall

It’s been a long time since there’s been any worth bathroom-related celebrity news, but today we are graced with not just a story but pictures! Okay, well technically, there’s no story at all here, just pictures of Mark Wahlberg taking a pee. No bathrooms handy, evidently.


December 4, 2008   No Comments

David Beckham Bathroom Sighting

It’s been too long since there has been a celebrity bathroom sighting, but today we are blessed with news about none other than David Beckham. That’s right, the most famous name in soccer was spotted at Villa nightclub in the bathroom.

Well, to be more precise, his man-parts were spotted. And evidently they are quite large. Yay? There has been some talk in the media about Beckham’s size before, and this adds more strength to the rumors.


September 25, 2008   No Comments

Trump vs. Teachers

Every once in awhile, another story comes up about how our world is essentially blanketed with germs. I usually do not pay these any heed, but this one has a few choice quotes from the Donald – Trump, that is.

I’m going to do everything in my power not to shake hands with teachers. According to a new study, teachers have the germiest jobs. They have 17,000 germs per square inch on their desks. That’s 10 times the germ rate than any other profession.

I’m sure there are at least 4 or 5 teachers out there who are disappointed right now…

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September 23, 2008   No Comments

Angelina Jolie on the Toilet

Is it just me, clinic or has Angelina come a long way since these days?

Angelina Jolie on the Toilet

See others which appear to be from the same shoot, view but which do not include the pic above, here

August 29, 2008   No Comments

Molly Shannon! Free Public Restrooms!

This appears to date from 2004, but what the hell – it’s never too late for pictures of celebrities in bathrooms!

Molly Shannon Charmin


August 28, 2008   1 Comment

“You better not watch Mariah pee”

Especially not if you happen to be using a public bathroom when Mariah Carey and her cronies decide to enter. Apparently Mariah’s lackeys tried to kick a couple of girls out of the bathroom when Mariah wanted to use it. Refusing to leave, and apparently looking quite a bit like peeping toms (pun fully intended), they were warned against ogling Mariah during the act.

Mariah Carey Wants you out of the bathroom

FYI: It’s piss-poor etiquette (again, pun fully intended) to kick people out of a public bathroom just because you have a shy bladder.


September 28, 2007   No Comments

Boring Alyssa Milano

I don’t get it either. We’ve got Alyssa Milano in what must be the most boring female-in-the-shower photoshoot ever. Maybe the studio stills from a print campaign for a shower fixture company?

Alyssa Milano in the Shower

More Pictures

September 27, 2007   No Comments