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There’s Always Time for Good Bathroom Etiquette – Even in a Stand Off

There really are no excuses for poor bathroom etiquette, as demonstrated by Jeremy Renner on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. That’s right, even when locked in a three way stand off, Renner and his enemies find time to observe proper urinal etiquette:

  • Eyes forward
  • A buffer urinal between everybody

Depending on where you live, you can go check out the skit on Hulu.

December 17, 2012   No Comments

LeAnn Rimes is Sitting In a Urinal

LeAnn Rimes was recently spotted sitting in a urinal (evidently posted by her on Twitter):

Okay, maybe it’s more on than in, but in either case she’s sitting on a big pile of pee. I mean did she wipe that thing down before she took a seat? What’s she doing in the men’s room anyways? Does anything that celebrities do these days make any sense at all?

via The Superficial

September 30, 2011   1 Comment

Victoria Beckham in a Loo Roll Dress

It’s a banner week for loo roll dresses here at the ICBE. First it was Pippa Middleton, resplendent in TP and now it’s the lovely Posh Spice, all decked out in loo roll for her baby shower:

Looking good Mrs. Beckham!

Read at I’m Not Obsessed (via

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Pippa Middleton in a Loo Roll Dress

Any excuse to post an article using the term loo roll! Here’s Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate “Duchess of Cambridge” Middleton, on the left at the royal wedding and on the right sporting a loo roll dress during lighter times:

Hate to say it but they did a pretty nice job with that dress!

From the Daily Mail

May 5, 2011   1 Comment

Kim Kardashian and the Charmin Restrooms

Each year, Charmin sponsors a free public bathroom for New York City holidaygoers (previously). This year’s bathrooms at 142 West 42nd St feature a national theme, representing different iconic US locations (good luck figuring out what those locations are!).

But the big story this year and the big coup for Charmin is the grand opening was presided over by none other than Kim Kardashian, who may just be the most beautiful woman to ever preside over a bathroom grand opening. Sorry Kim, but that was totally meant to be a compliment!

Check out more pics of Kim and some fuzzy bears at The Superficial

Also look for Charmin to crown a King and Queen for the last few days of the year to welcome and/or creep out visitors to these bathrooms. More on that as it develops…

November 24, 2010   No Comments

Meeting Bill Gates at the Urinal

The wonderful GigaG submitted an interesting story about some Excite employees meeting Bill Gates at a urinal while visiting Microsoft way back in 1995.

what is the appropriate bathroom etiquette? I had a massive internal struggle. Do I reach over the urinal barriers to extend a handshake to Bill? What would he do if I did?

Augh, no! It’s bad enough that a conversation with poor Bill was started, but shaking hands at a urinal? Come on, is there anybody that thinks this is a good idea?

I had complete urinal performance anxiety. I had not been able to pee up to this point. Nothing was happening in the presence of the man who brought us greatness like Microsoft Decathlon and the Blue Screen of Death.

I’ll bet! I hope Bill had better luck peeing after being interrupted this way. At least Microsoft apparently has the bathroom savvy to install urinal partitions…

November 18, 2010   No Comments

Ad-Hoc Bathroom Signage

No, I’m not talking about those awesome bathroom signs that provide helpful information, I’m talking about the type you see in office bathrooms which inevitably arise out of somebody’s general disregard for common courtesy in the bathroom.

Turns out that even Mr. Instapaper Marco, who still consults for Tumblr, isn’t immune to them.

The Problem:
Somebody’s been throwing paper towels on the floor, presumably after using them to open the door.

Somebody’s Craptastic Solution:
A passive-aggressive note, attributed to “Management” (cough-bullshit-cough).

Marco’s Improvement:
An updated, and so far unnoticed by “Management”, sign.

The Real Solution:
Just put a garbage by the door already!

Read Marco’s take

Check out the awesome ad-hoc office signage Flickr group

September 23, 2010   2 Comments

Chelsea Clinton and Best Porta Potties Ever

If you hadn’t heard, Chelsea Clinton is getting married. As the daughter of an ex President, she does things a little fancier than most of us, including renting some of the swankiest portable toilets around for her wedding. TMZ puts the total toilet rental cost at about $15,000 – ouch!

Now I’ve been in some nice portable toilets before, but I have a feeling they won’t be anything like the ones Chelsea’s guests will be enjoying.

Wells Cargo Platinum Edition

July 27, 2010   No Comments

Lance Armstrong Might be Watching You Pee

I don’t mean to alarm you, but I have it on very good authority that Lance Armstrong just might be watching you pee. I assure you that nobody is more alarmed than us right here at the ICBE, and I furthermore assure you that we will not rest (except for the napping and the sleeping) until we have gotten to the bottom of this situation. Or at the very least until we have made a baseless yet inflammatory blog post on the matter!

Consider the evidence in support of Lance watching you pee:

  1. Lance Armstrong owns a bicycle shop named Mellow Johnny’s
  2. Said bicycle shop has a bathroom
  3. Said bathroom contains a large image of Lance peering menacingly about (see below)
  4. Said image may or may not contain cutouts in the eyeball area to allow Lance to peer through them
  5. Lance may or may not spend large amounts of time peering through said cutouts

Thanks to BSNYC for the image

Well the evidence is overwhelming – Lance Armstrong is definitely watching people pee! The ICBE has been known to raise several dollars for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, with our intrepid founder spending several painful hours on a bicycle not once but twice in support of exactly this cause, so I can assure you that nobody is more shocked or horrified at this grievous breach of bathroom etiquette than we are. Now in fairness it’s kind of our job to be shocked and horrified at such things, but I can assure you that our shock and horror is on the extreme end of the scale even for us.

June 22, 2010   1 Comment

On Your Left – A Urinal Warning Cry

I’m really starting to become suspicious of Bike Snob NYC. Not only is a superstar cycling blogger, but he’s also placing an increasing emphasis on bathroom etiquette in his postings (previously). Is he preparing to make his move into the fertile grounds of toilet blogging? Is he eyeing a position of power here at the ICBE?

Take his posting from this Monday for example, a treatise on urinal behavior cloaked in a veneer of cycling:

In particular, I am noticing that as the “fixerati” continue to “come into their own,” they’ve grown increasingly fond of the extremely irritating phrase “on your left.” I really should not have to hear these words if I am simply riding in a straight line and going about my business on my bicycle in the same way that I should not have to hear them when another gentleman sidles up next to me in a public restroom in order to use the neighboring urinal. In both cases, he’s got his space, I’ve got mine, and as long as we stick to that space nobody’s going to cross wheels or streams.

Luckily for all parties involved, regardless of his motivations Bike Snob NYC is dispensing sage advice. There is no need for a warning cry when you approach a urinal, and everyone should have their space. But Bike Snob NYC – I’ve got my eyes on you!

May 14, 2010   No Comments