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Urinal Gaming All Over Again

What do you get when you mount some Windows 7 powered tables above urinals? A pee powered collection of video games for guys that get bored really easily. My first thought when I saw this was: Hang on, other guys are going to touch their junk, then touch the screen, and them I’m supposed to touch the screen? Why don’t I just go ahead and touch their junk directly?

The good news is that you don’t appear to need to touch the screen to play, as it automatically senses your activity. Still, I spotted a screen with high scores – how did those get in here?

Read the full article and watch at video at BBC News (via bah)

PS: Your-rye-nal?
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November 30, 2011   1 Comment

More Urinal Gaming

Enter the Piss Screen – a pressure sensitive urinal inlay for pee-based gaming. Yay! Of course this isn’t the first time such things have been discussed, but this appears to be an actual production item. The installation pictured appears to be in a bar in Frankfurt, where your piss stream controls a driving game.

Piss Screen Urinal Gaming

Link (via) – Thanks mhh5th

August 9, 2007   No Comments

Urinal Gaming

Ever wanted to play video games at a urinal? I didn’t think so, but that hasn’t stopped the lads at the MIT Media Lab from creating a prototype game which sense the location of your pee stream, and responds accordingly. Fun? Maybe… but I think people would do just as well with any of the low-tech equivalents.

Check it out (with really crappy picture) here (via Fark)

July 13, 2006   1 Comment

iPotty for iPad

CTA Digital bills itself as offering “Quality Gaming and Multimedia Accessories“, but as far as I can tell from their website they mostly sell a lot of junk. That’s all about to change though, as the company recently released the iPotty at CES!

This isn’t rocket surgery people, this is a $40 potty for kids that comes with an integrated iPad stand. Now I’m more of an old-school kind of guy myself, using books, toys and bribery to keep my little ones planted and on task, but there’s no denying that our society is moving towards an “all iPads, all the time” model of parenting. And this certainly beats handing your kid your iPad, and then watching as they drop it on the floor and pee all over it…

Thanks to Mrs DC for the heads up!

January 11, 2013   1 Comment

The Stuph File – Peter Anthony Holder

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of being a guest on Peter Anthony Holder’s radio show. Well traditional radio is on the way out, online radio is on the way in and Peter has a new home at (and a related blog too). Naturally, as his most popular previous guest (I totally just made that up) Peter invited me to be on his new show.

You can tune in this coming Monday, December 26th over at or CyberStationUSA – prepare to be delighted! We talk about life, the ICBE, general bathroom etiquette and of course the latest fancy urinal video games.

December 22, 2011   No Comments