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Toilet Seats, Keyboards and Makeup Brushes

A few years ago it was all the rage to do a study showing how much more bacteria there was on your keyboard than a toilet seat – heck, we even mentioned one of those studies here at the ICBE. Does it really surprise anybody that a toilet seat, that you clean on a regular basis, has fewer random bacteria than your keyboard, which you clean never?

In any case, a commenter on a post about a new beauty blog over at Metafilter summarized exactly what I think is wrong with all these studies (the beauty blog found a bunch of bacteria in a makeup brush, FYI):

OK, but there’s no evidence whatsoever that microbes on a makeup brush cause disease. Mostly it’s a meaningless gross-out demonstration, like when they compare how clean “X” is versus “a toilet seat”. (Hint: the average container of Yoplait has about 3.5 gazillion times more microbes.)

Is that yogurt dirty and dangerous? No, it’s delicious!


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