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Disneyland’s Secret Bathroom

I’m going to admit something right now – I’m not a frequent visitor of The Happiest Place On Earth even though I live only a couple of hours drive away. All that may change however now that I know this about Disneyland:

Disneyland has an awesome secret restroom!

Okay, it’s difficult to call something a secret when it has a rather extensive website devoted to it, but Disneyland’s Slightly Off the Beaten Track Restroom doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it.

The site puts it like this:

The moment you open its door (assume it’s unlocked), you will be overwhelmed by just how enormous the Secret Restroom is. As a point of fact, the Secret Restroom is not only larger than the average American home restroom, it’s larger than the typical Anaheim apartment that can be afforded on a Disneyland castmember’s starting salary.

Because the Secret Restroom is cleaned every half hour, it is always in a state of perfection and readiness, and even a glance shows the luxuriance of its copious amenities and artistic touches (each of which is detailed elsewhere on this site).

Heaven is a place where they clean public bathrooms every thirty minutes!

Disneyland’s Secret Restroom (via BoingBoing)


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