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John Just Doesn’t Get Bathroom Etiquette

Annoyed reader John writes the following:

I’m not going to be hateful here. But just what are you really afraid of? That’s what does etiquette thing is really all about. What’s bad or horrible thing will happen to you in that brief 60 seconds of your day standing next to someone else? Seriously of all the challenging things in life, is this really one of them? Put some genuine thought into that.

Obviously everybody is more than welcome to our own thoughts and opinions on bathroom etiquette, but to suggest that I, the President of the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette hasn’t put some “genuine thought into that” is, well, rather silly. My job here at the ICBE consists of pretty much nothing but thinking about bathroom etiquette, and let me assure you I am good at my job.

So the answers to your questions John:

Q: What are you really afraid of?
A: Nothing, it’s just nice to have some proper behavior in the bathroom.

Q: What bad or horrible thing will happen?
A: Nothing, it’s just nice to not have to pee right beside somebody else.

Q: Is this really a challenging thing in life?
A: Heck no!

Here’s something for you to put some thought into John: Bathroom etiquette isn’t about you, it’s about everybody else that you encounter in the bathroom. It’s about taking their feelings into consideration, and adjusting your behavior to make other people happy, not just yourself.

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1 john Marks { 05.29.11 at 4:46 pm }


Why have urinals in the first place? Sounds to me that having to do a mental calculation on where to piss would be a moot point if you had nothing but toilets behind a closed door. No thought necessary just take the 1 that’s open. I’m pretty sure this kind of concern is in the minority. Sociologist would even tell you that it is normal and cosidered a form of male bonding. 30 years ago this would never have bejen up for discussion.
What do you think is the reason most don’t even think about this. It’s because they are secure with atheir own masculinity and don’t fill a need for
“Etiquette”. If you want to have a discussion about how to treat each other as human b-ein how about 1 how to treat each other nicer while standing in line, caught up in traffic, or other situations where we snap at each other. Are all of you concerned about their feelings then?

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