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How are you doing today sir?

Overheard in a men’s bathroom in O’Hare Airport:

How are you doing today sir?
Sorry about that.
Lock your door sir.

-An unlucky member of the housekeeping staff

And that is one of many reasons you should always lock the door when you are using a stall…


1 mhh5th { 03.02.11 at 3:38 pm }

The real problem seems to be the absence of a “knock knock” in this situation… Was the door wide open?

2 msykes { 04.04.11 at 9:13 am }

I didn’t see, but with a stall, does it really matter? Knocking and demanding an answer is not good etiquette. A gentle push is less intrusive, and should be equally as effective at determining occupancy.

Besides, if the door is unlocked, a knock is going to force it open anyways.

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