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Serial Seat Peeing and the Chicago Tribune

I was fortunate recently to be interview by Nara Schoenberg, writing a piece on office bathroom etiquette for the Chicago Tribune. The problem: A Serial Seat Pee-er Here’s some of what I had to say:

This person knows it’s gross. He knows it’s disrespectful. And he’s doing it on purpose.

Seriously, it’s hard to imagine an adult not knowing that peeing all over the seat is disrespectful to everyone around him. Still, you never really know the circumstances. Perhaps this was an obese individual who couldn’t even see the seat? Perhaps it was really only 2 or 3 drops at a time, and there were some hypersensitive coworkers describing this as peeing all over? Or perhaps this individual had been raised in a cave by wolves, being reintroduced to society only recently.

Really, you never know.

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PS: Peeing on the seat happens to all of us (well, at least all of us who pee standing up) from time to time – just remember to clean up your mess!


1 anonymous { 01.30.11 at 12:28 pm }

So I dated a man who’s pee splattered everywhere all the time. Concerned I asked how on earth, his excuse, a medical anomaly. He may have cleaned up his own drops but when I had a carpeted bathroom. He had to go!

2 anonymouse 2 { 02.09.11 at 12:34 pm }

In regards to the “PS:” in the post, women pee on the seat too. The reason it happens, they hover over the seat to pee. That way their bum doesn’t touch the seat (even if there isn’t anything wrong.) Then do to there raised height above the seat, they splash on the seat.

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