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The New York Times and the ICBE

If you are like me, then you’re fully aware that the New York Times exists, and is a reasonably well-regarded publication. However, if you’re like me you also don’t exactly read the New York Times on a regular basis, and so you may in fact, like me, have missed Bruce Feiler’s Family Matters column The Corner Stall where he featured none other than yours truly as part of a discussion on bathroom etiquette.

This is what I said:

Short of your wife going into labor, there’s really no good reason to be answering the phone in a public bathroom. Bathroom etiquette is about other people, and nobody wants to listen to your phone conversation.

Then there’s Dr. Richard Ling, professor of sociology at the IT University of Copenhagen and author of some book, which is presumably what merited his opinion here:

If I slip into the boys’ room at a dinner party to text my wife that I’ll be late or to check whether my daughter has returned from the movies, Dr. Ling said, I deserve credit for not disrupting my hosts’ dinner party, while also reinforcing my own family ties. In this situation, my latrine correspondence has clearly improved society, not harmed it.

A true modern-day hero if there’s ever been one.

Don’t forget to read the full column here


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