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I don’t get the stall hatred

Joe writes:

I don’t get the stall hatred. I just don’t see any shame in it. So what if someone shoe checks you out for a stander? As long as you don’t shut and lock the door you’re fine. That shows that you respect a brother’s privacy, but you take it casual enough to treat the stall as a de facto urinal, with no extra effort. It may be environmentally incorrect, but it’s how the world works. The only trouble you might encounter is if someone isn’t looking out an walks in, but that’s on his shoulders.

I’ve got to admit, Joe’s got me a little confused here. Stall hatred? That sure doesn’t sound like us, in fact we advise heading for the stall on many different occasions. In fact, we’ve even advocated the shoe check before.

I don’t get Joe.

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1 Nonya { 08.14.10 at 11:19 am }

I got ALL the hatred for a certain “using the stall as a urinal” type. It’s the lazy, inconsiderate douche-rockets that don’t even have the decency to lift the seat, and especially the ones who pee all over everything like a drunken sailor! Come-on you nasty jack-wagons, try to pretend you’re human and take a few seconds to clear the firing range and make a little effort to stay on target. I know it’s difficult to be accurate with that derringer you’re packing, but don’t punish everyone else because of your inadequacies!

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