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Lance Armstrong Might be Watching You Pee

I don’t mean to alarm you, but I have it on very good authority that Lance Armstrong just might be watching you pee. I assure you that nobody is more alarmed than us right here at the ICBE, and I furthermore assure you that we will not rest (except for the napping and the sleeping) until we have gotten to the bottom of this situation. Or at the very least until we have made a baseless yet inflammatory blog post on the matter!

Consider the evidence in support of Lance watching you pee:

  1. Lance Armstrong owns a bicycle shop named Mellow Johnny’s
  2. Said bicycle shop has a bathroom
  3. Said bathroom contains a large image of Lance peering menacingly about (see below)
  4. Said image may or may not contain cutouts in the eyeball area to allow Lance to peer through them
  5. Lance may or may not spend large amounts of time peering through said cutouts

Thanks to BSNYC for the image

Well the evidence is overwhelming – Lance Armstrong is definitely watching people pee! The ICBE has been known to raise several dollars for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, with our intrepid founder spending several painful hours on a bicycle not once but twice in support of exactly this cause, so I can assure you that nobody is more shocked or horrified at this grievous breach of bathroom etiquette than we are. Now in fairness it’s kind of our job to be shocked and horrified at such things, but I can assure you that our shock and horror is on the extreme end of the scale even for us.

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