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On Your Left – A Urinal Warning Cry

I’m really starting to become suspicious of Bike Snob NYC. Not only is a superstar cycling blogger, but he’s also placing an increasing emphasis on bathroom etiquette in his postings (previously). Is he preparing to make his move into the fertile grounds of toilet blogging? Is he eyeing a position of power here at the ICBE?

Take his posting from this Monday for example, a treatise on urinal behavior cloaked in a veneer of cycling:

In particular, I am noticing that as the “fixerati” continue to “come into their own,” they’ve grown increasingly fond of the extremely irritating phrase “on your left.” I really should not have to hear these words if I am simply riding in a straight line and going about my business on my bicycle in the same way that I should not have to hear them when another gentleman sidles up next to me in a public restroom in order to use the neighboring urinal. In both cases, he’s got his space, I’ve got mine, and as long as we stick to that space nobody’s going to cross wheels or streams.

Luckily for all parties involved, regardless of his motivations Bike Snob NYC is dispensing sage advice. There is no need for a warning cry when you approach a urinal, and everyone should have their space. But Bike Snob NYC – I’ve got my eyes on you!


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