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Lift and Lower That Seat With the Johnie-Lift

Here at the ICBE we get a lot of email from people who seem to have missed the concept of the site entirely and want us to enter into a wholesaler agreement to sell bathroom fixtures. So it’s a real treat to get an email about a product that’s actually relevant to bathroom etiquette.

As you probably know, the ICBE’s official position is that the toilet seat should be left down. The one thing about this is that, especially in mixed male/female environments, this involves a lot of raising/lowering the toilet seat.

Enter the Johnie-Lift, a small handle that attaches to the seat to minimize actual contact with the (hopefully not too) germ-laden surface. Paul writes the following:

The discussion on whether to leave the toilet seat or down wages on, however I believe in leaving it down. My wife has me well trained and it makes sense to me anyway.

Back in 1963, my In-Laws made a small handle for the toilet and won approval from Sears & Roebuck to carry it, but they did not have the resources to make the injection mold.

Now, after some 46 years, my wife resurected the product, including upgrading the look to be decorative in order to blend in with today’s bathrooms. We used the same name that my In-Laws came up with way back.

Our product is the Johnie-Lift – a decorative toilet seat handle that installs instantly and provides a more sanitary way to raise and lower the seat, eliminating any direct contact. While this a small step in the overall germ prevention program, combined with other simple ideas will make a big difference. It may also reduce the incidence of arguments.

We are a small, family-owned company located in Thousand Oaks, California and we need help in getting our message out. Please let me know if you could help us.

Well, I’m not really sure about the marketing power of the ICBE, but we’re happy to try. Head on over to the Johnie-Lift site to check them out, and order a few. At $2.95 a pop they are nothing if not reasonably priced.


1 mhh5th { 03.01.10 at 8:30 pm }

where does the germ-o-phobia stop? if you’re really that freaked out about lifting the toilet seat, maybe you also need a stick-on tab for the flushing handle, too. and these attachable things should be disposable, single-use products… otherwise they’ll just get as nasty as the toilet seat eventually.

2 msykes { 03.01.10 at 10:16 pm }

Well, I imagine the hope is that nobody’s butt touches the handle, and nobody pees on the Johnie-Lift.

3 Kevin Crockett { 03.05.10 at 7:01 pm }

I think the issue is the bottom of the seat gets the most germs and the seat is lifted by touching the bottom of the seat.

It seems that the handle is sticking ourt past the ‘splash zone’, so it probably is more sanitary.

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