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Eco-Toilet of the Future?

There’s not a whole lot of interesting toilet technology these days, but what there is tends to be centered on greening up the potty. Toilets, as you know, can use an awful lot of water for the simple act of flushing down a little bit of pee.

The latest attempt at improving the situation comes in the form of the Home Core Integrated Toilet. Aside from the funky industrial design, the key element here is that the sink and toilet are a single integrated unit. That water you used to brush your teeth and wash your face? It’s stored up to flush away the pee and poo at a later time. No need to waste perfectly good fresh clean water on that chore after all. You can even regulate the water flow from the tap for extra savings.

Right now the toilet exists only as a concept, but it’s only a matter of time before something similar hits the market, if it hasn’t already.

Home Core Integrated Toilet (via Gizmodo)

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1 The One Called Doc { 02.11.10 at 1:12 pm }

I have been trying to tell people about this for years, but everyone laughs at me!

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