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Bathroom Compression and the Toronto Sun

It’s tough times at the Toronto Sun these days. No, I’m not talking financially (though newspapers aren’t exactly having a good time of that either), I’m talking about going to the bathroom. See, for the longest time, staffers at the sun have been free to hunt for an open bathroom in any of 6 floors in their building. Now, reorganization and renovation are cramming all those people onto one floor.

Let me do the math for you, that’s 1/6th, or about 17% of the bathrooms they had before. Ouch.

I spoke to columnist Mike Strobel about the situation and he was understandably concerned.

There are guys I’ve worked with for 30 years — and never once seen them enter or leave a men’s room stall.

All I can say is good luck!

Read the full column, with my remarks

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