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Augh! Stop Looking Inside Closed Stalls!

Faith sent the following very disturbing email:

First of all, I found your site on stumble upon, and instantly showed my husband. He is amused that almost every time I go to use a public restroom I come back with a story. Really, a lot of people aren’t about the bathroom manners.

I really liked “Women’s Bathroom Issues II”, but I kept expecting to find SOMETHING about my number one bathroom horror story, and didn’t see it anywhere on your site.

Now, I’m from the states (I saw this in Canada, too) and haven’t been to Europe yet. I was recently told that in Europe the bathrooms don’t have this problem, but in the states, there are large cracks at the hinges of the stall doors.

In my most horrific public restroom experience a girl stood outside my door and stared at me.

Of course, this is less typical, but there are rules about standing in line outside a bathroom door without turning so you’re looking through those horrible cracks in the doors.

Just a suggestion for something you might want to add to the site!

This seems like one of those things that nobody should have to be told. If the stall door is closed, don’t go peeking inside through the cracks!! But if people need to be told to wash their hands, I guess they need to be told this too.


Now I understand that sometimes you want to confirm that the stall door is closed because somebody is inside, to avoid waiting around like an idiot for an already empty stall to empty. But that’s what the “duck and glance under the door for feet” move was invented for.

And by the sounds of things, a lot of women are peeking inside just for fun when they know somebody is inside. That’s just plain wrong.

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