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The Toilet is not a Garbage

In many bathrooms, there are at least two receptacles designed to remove certain kinds of waste. The toilet, and the garbage. Toilets are designed to remove #1, #2 and toilet paper. The garbage is for everything else.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? Well obviously not, as foreign objects (mostly feminine hygiene products by my estimation) clogging up toilets is a real problem in a lot of places. For example, Joy writes the following:

Hello – I am trying to find the right phrase, short but polite and to the point to illustrate the following, ‘Please use the bin provided for anything other than toilet tissue.’

In other words, I don’t want the patients who visit the loo in our dental clinic to toss feminine hygiene products, hand towels or any other kind of waste … apart from loo paper down the loo.

I see the line every where and now cannot come with it myself! Any clever, polite one-liners?

I’m honestly not a big fan of signs on the bathroom. Not so much that they are rude (which they may or may not be depending on wording), but I just don’t think they work. Trying to reach somebody at the point where they have garbage in their hand and are looking for a place to put it is too late. Nobody’s going to stop and read a sign, they’re just going to toss it in the closest thing that looks like it may or may not be an appropriate receptacle.


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