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Brad Pitt Needs Better Urinal Etiquette

First he dumps Jennifer Aniston. Now he’s caught checking his email at a urinal, while peeing directly beside somebody else – and possible talking on the phone too. With am empty urinal on the other side to boot. Can Brad Pitt sink any lower?

Brad Pitt Has Bad Urinal Etiquette

Okay, before all you Team Brad fanboys and fangirls freak out, I realize that the picture is staged. Brad’s not actually peeing (well, we can’t be certain in any case), he’s just practicing bad urinal etiquette on purpose for an article in Wired about new rules for the digital age. A whole bunch of lame new rules that a group of 16 year olds came up with. The article claims social scientists were consulted, but only 16 year olds could come up with rules so stupid. Don’t Google-stalk before a first date? How else are you going to form ill-conceived notions about the date that doom it to fail before you even begin? And they don’t even mention bathroom or urinal etiquette

But that’s okay, because that’s what we do here. Brad, in the future, here’s a couple handy links for you:

  1. General Urinal Etiquette
  2. Bathroom Cell Phone Etiquette
  3. Bathroom Email Etiquette (Don’t think I didn’t spot that Blackberry!

Via NPR and mhh5th.

PS: Credit where’s it’s due – Brad himself actually does come out against talking on the cell phone in the bathroom – good work Brad!

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1 Taylor { 07.21.09 at 3:12 pm }

Yeah, I linked back to you on this one. And you’re right, it’s probably staged. But what if that other guy in the plaid suit showed up second and took the closest urinal? Maybe Brad is only pretending to check his text messages so that he doesn’t have to look the other way and risk seeing whatever it is that guy is doing… I don’t know, I’m not defending him, I’m just sayin’.

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