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The Etiquette of Peeing at the Beach

Peeing at the Beach

This 4th of July, like every other American within driving distance of a body of water, I spent the day at the beach. Beaches are fantastic places in many ways, but few of them have adequate bathroom facilities, and even fewer have truly good bathroom facilities.

The beach I visited today had neither. Which is to say that rumor had it there was a bathroom some 5-10 minutes walk away, but as far as I could tell pretty much everybody made alternate arrangements.

Alternate arrangements.

The men held it. It is one of the distinct advantages of the male anatomy that men can hold it on average about 10 times as long as women can hold it.

Then, there were the people that just went in the ocean. It was to the point where I overheard a father pleading with his young daughter to go pee in the ocean, and then instructing her older sister to teach her how to do so.

Peeing in the ocean.

Now I’m no fool. I am aware that the ocean is full of fish and what-not, and I’m aware that these fish pee in the ocean all the time, and I’m aware that humans peeing in the ocean is probably not a major health catastrophe (though it may be bad for marine life).

Still, it’s a little gross. And more to the point, it’s not good etiquette. Proper etiquette dictates that humans, unlike fish, should never pee in the ocean. Humans should pee in a toilet.


1 pinkgirl25 { 01.26.10 at 8:40 pm }

i pee in the ocean all the time i live like a block away from the beach so i go like every day and in your case where there is no bathroom is what is it is like at my beach. So when i gotta pee i just pee. and if i get there and there is to many people then i find a different part of the bach an get in the water and go. And if i really really really gotta pee when there is alot of people around i just pee and if they care then oh well atleast i feel good.

2 purrrppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeee { 01.21.11 at 9:50 pm }

i only pee in the water when there is no bathroom available i would prefer to pee in the bathrooms (as most people do… i think) but that is your choice. but i hate pople who crap in the water. that is plain disgusting.

3 Las playas… { 08.16.13 at 4:31 pm }

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