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Urinal Gaming

Ever wanted to play video games at a urinal? I didn’t think so, but that hasn’t stopped the lads at the MIT Media Lab from creating a prototype game which sense the location of your pee stream, and responds accordingly. Fun? Maybe… but I think people would do just as well with any of the low-tech equivalents.

Check it out (with really crappy picture) here (via Fark)

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1 Porcelain » Blog Archive » More Urinal Gaming { 08.09.07 at 8:21 pm }

[…] Enter the Piss Screen – a pressure sensitive urinal inlay for pee-based gaming. Yay! Of course this isn’t the first time such things have been discussed, but this appears to be an actual production item. The installation pictured appears to be in a bar in Frankfurt, where your piss stream controls a driving game. […]

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