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Posts from — November 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Even though we are the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette, our headquarters are in the USA, so we’ve decided to take some time off along with everybody else and stuff ourselves silly with turkey. In fact, we’re going to eat so darn much that I wouldn’t expect any posts here until about the first week of December. Seriously!

Michael Sykes
President, IBCE

November 24, 2005   No Comments

Ignorance is Bliss

If that’s true, it means that Bob Lonsberry is one supremely blissful man. His latest column consists of an ill-informed rant about how men who sit down to pee are “freaks“. I’m going to agree that it makes sense for most men to pee while standing up most of the time, but to label any man who sits to pee as a freak smacks of ignorance – or maybe he’s just trying to get a rise out of guys like me, in which case Mission Accomplished. Heck, Bob probably thinks it’s a good idea to leave the toilet seat up, and pee all over the floor too. We had a pretty good thread in our forum about this awhile ago, and the consensus seems that there is definitely a time and a place for men to pee while sitting.

Sorry Bob.

Read Bob’s column here

November 24, 2005   No Comments

The 20 Worst Baseball Fans

Okay, I know, this isn’t a sports blog, so this is a bit of a stretch. But you know what, this is the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette, and this is a rare opportunity to discuss two of the things I most enjoy talking about:

Etiquette, and how much I hate baseball!

ESPN has a funny article on the 20 Worst Baseball Fans, and while a few of them are baseball specific, you can find many of these asshats at all kinds of sporting events. Or even a concert. Take the following:

7b. The guy who’s just getting bombed, “ a legitimate “Heads up, that dude looks like he might puke” candidate by the seventh inning stretch.

I had one of those guys at a Chris Isaak concert once! Replace “seventh inning stretch” with “third song” and it’s the exact same guy. Good times. Bad etiquette.

Read about all 20 here

November 22, 2005   No Comments

The Poo Poo Platter

I can’t tell if this means that our society has reached the pinnacle of greatness, or the depths of despair, but I can tell you that you can now buy a platter containing not one, not two and not three but four (four!!) pieces of simulated feces. One of them in pen form. I really need to add a Gross category, because only in the most primitive of circumstances could this be considered Fun.

Poo Poo Platter

Go buy yourself a Poo Poo Platter
Thanks again to Strange New Products for this one

November 22, 2005   No Comments

Happy Colon, Hooray!

Strange New Products is at it again, this time with news of a product sure to make your colon happy! Actually, judging by the packaging it really makes these crazy colon-dwelling Tic-Tacs happy, but I’m almost certain this makes your colon happy by association. And let’s face it – you can’t go wrong with a happy colon.

Jarro-Dophilus for a Happy Colon

Check out Jarro-Dophilus
Read what Strange New Products has to say about it.

November 22, 2005   No Comments

Countries You May Want to Avoid

In honor of World Toilet Day this past week, Water Aid, an organization dedicated to providing safe water to the poor, released a list of the worst countries to be caught in if you need to go to the bathroom. Topping the list (in the bad way) was Ethiopia, with Afghanistan and Chad coming in tied at second.

Bog Roll of Dishonor

Go here to read more about the state of world toilets and download the list

November 22, 2005   No Comments

Michael Jackson Can’t Read

Remember how Michael Jackson was caught in the women’s bathroom in Dubai? Well the official reason (and by official, I mean according to his spokeswoman, and we know that they never lie), was that he mis-read the sign on the door. Okay, to be fair, the sign was in Arabic, and it’s entirely possible he can’t read Arabic writing. But just to be helpful, I’m going to give Jacko a couple helpful tips for the future:

1) The women’s bathroom is the one with the picture of the woman in a skirt on the door.

2) No urinals? It’s the women’s bathroom!

Okay, I think that clears things up nicely.

Read the article here

November 22, 2005   No Comments

What did you do for World Toilet Day?

Did you do anything special for World Toilet Day? Personally, I went to the bathroom several times, but in all honestly I’m not convinced that I can call that a special event. If you were in Singapore though, you would have been treated to something really special. In honor of the day, 28 life-sized carboard cutouts of men and women were placed around the city, each one depicted with their pants down squatting behind a different object.

Somebody please find me some pictures!

Read the article here (via Fark)

November 21, 2005   No Comments

Cuddly Pee, Snuggly Poo

I don’t know where to start with this one. Some crazy Swede has decided it’s a good idea to market stuffed, plush toys in the form of Pee and Poo – yes, cuddly, snuggly, bodily-function based toys. You can even get their likenesses emblazoned on T-shirts, socks and children’s underwear. The underwear thing is crossing a fine line if you ask me!

Pee and Poo

Visit Pee and Poo here (via Gizmodo via Cool Hunter)

November 17, 2005   No Comments

“Big” Goes to the Bathroom

Okay, so “Big” is an interesting nickname when it comes to bathroom use, but we’re talking about Chris Noth here, and Big was his nickname from the Sex and the City series. Seems like he was spotted out and about in New York peppering fellow Cutting Room patrons about the bathroom – where it was, was there a line, why isn’t there a line… – to the point where they got annoyed.

Sounds like he was really concerned about the line – but let’s be fair, maybe he just didn’t want to cut in front of somebody?

Read the complete story here

November 17, 2005   No Comments