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Tune in to 106.9 Free FM!

Just a heads up to all our loyal readers – we do have loyal readers, right? I’m going to be doing a radio spot on Thursday, October 26th, 2005 between about 12 – 1 PM Pacific Time to talk about Bathroom Etiquette (duh!). It’s going to be on the Darian O’Toole Show on 106.9 Free FM which as it happens is local to me in San Francisco – more details as I get them!

Update: I did record the show, though it was a little scattered – ended up on the air by accident in the middle of a segment about Sex in the Workplace, but Darian moved things into bathroom etiquette quickly. Boy is she a chatty one – didn’t get to say a whole lot but always fun to get some publicity. Anybody catch the show?


1 andrea escovedo { 10.29.05 at 9:57 am }

This is the GREATTTT!!!!

I always tell people who want to censor the FREE airwaves
Turn it if you don’t like it-
EXERCISE your civil liberties***

“I cannot concour with WHAT you say but
I defend to the death

SO FAR>>>>>
I Love it I hope you will havemore weekend programing as well I don’t want to listen to anymore gardening or vitaman or money shows out of total desparation for some weekend talk……

if I don’t like it
I’ll turn it….


2 msykes { 10.30.05 at 10:51 am }


3 Rowsdower98 { 10.31.05 at 7:18 pm }

You have at least one (semi) loyal reader, and at least one other reader with a loose grip on reality.

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