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Columnist Gives Bad Advice

Okay, people give bad advice every day, it’s just that usually it doesn’t fall under my domain. Here’s an excerpt of a Q&A I saw today:

Q: I have been dating my boyfriend for almost five months… weekend trip to Disney World… I am really worried about the bathroom situation. How do I “take care of business” without him knowing?

A: The best way to avoid the tell-tale smell is to do your business in a public bathroom… lock yourself in the hotel bathroom for your morning (and/or evening) grooming routine, which should include burning scented candles and playing music at full volume. Run the shower, tub and sink, and stuff a rolled-up towel in the space under the door to muffle any errant sound

What?! First of all, the women asking can’t even refer to taking a crap/poop/#2 in any kind of direct manner? But what really gets me is the #1 piece of advice is to use a public bathroom? Please! First of all, public bathrooms tend to be gross, second of all if this relationship has any hope of surviving you are going to have to learn to go to the bathroom. Use the fan and let loose.

And a little tip: the “Honeymoon Period” of a relationship ends the very first trip. Travelling is the best way to really get to know somebody, and you can’t hide all your shit from him anymore woman (no pun intended).

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