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Toilet Target Practice

Gadget Spy has the dirt on a way to turn all those boring and redundant urinal experiences into a fun game! Fun if you are a football (soccer) fan that is, like me. Just aim and fire, and, well, that’s about it – see if you can force the attached ball into the goal. Hmmm, you really shouldn’t use the word ball when writing about going to the bathroom…. Available at LazyboneUK.

Pee Goal

Read up on the Pee Goal here


1 Porcelain » Blog Archive » Urinal Gaming { 07.13.06 at 12:17 am }

[…] Ever wanted to play video games at a urinal? I didn’t think so, but that hasn’t stopped the lads at the MIT Media Lab from creating a prototype game which sense the location of your pee stream, and responds accordingly. Fun? Maybe… but I think people would do just as well with any of the low-tech equivalents. […]

2 Matt { 08.05.06 at 12:19 pm }

Yep, I saw these at a few pubs in London during the World Cup.

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