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Waterfall Gets Its Revenge

Evidently there is a waterfall in Norway that is as popular for peeing in the nearby bushes as it is for being a tourist attraction. This isn’t sitting well with the people in charge, who have started taking pictures of the unsuspecting urinators and posting them on their website! In this case, I’ve got sympathy for the people on both sides. Sounds like the public relieving is getting out of hand (they mention “stepping on excrement“), but on the other hand there is only one outdated public bathroom nearby and I’ve been known to go in the bushes myself when I had to. Best solution would be to just build some adequate facilities, but I guess the local officials been arguing about that for years. In the meantime, watch your step!

Waterfall Pee

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1 Rowsdower98 { 07.08.05 at 1:00 pm }

That’s about as immature as it gets. Where do the idiots taking the pictures think all of the woodland creatures relieve themselves? The world is a giant toilet for every animal but man and the occasional well trained housecat. They should either build some adequate bathrooms or accept people peeing in the forest.

2 msykes { 07.08.05 at 1:02 pm }

I guess the only saving grace is you can’t really identify any of the people from the pictures (at least not the ones I saw)… but there’s still got to be a better way.

Heck, if they are worried about the smell/whatever they could just designate a specific peeing area in the woods in a secluded spot where you wouldn’t be likely to tread by accident.

3 Porcelain » Blog Archive » Scenic Bathroom in Australia { 08.02.05 at 2:13 pm }

[…] This isn’t the first time we’ve written about issues with people’s peeing getting out of hand in nature. This time it’s at the top of Australia’s highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko. It’s a long trek up, and seems like enough people are using the peak as a convenient place to take a leak that on a still day, the fresh air isn’t so fresh anymore. Good news is, authorities are doing the reasonable thing and building a public bathroom about 1 km from the top. Those Aussies just keep making the headlines here at Porcelain! […]

4 Kellygirl { 10.03.06 at 12:08 pm }

Here in Oregon there are many areas where there is no restrooms available. While I prefer a ladiesroom I’m not bashful about taking a tinkle in a creek or on the flowers. Those portable things are juat plain NASTY and I won’t use them.
My husband and I own a 18′ Starcraft boat. There is no toilet on the boat and there are no rest stops on the rivers. When we need to go we pee over the side.
For the ladies who might read this here is the way I go.
I get my TP and pull my jeans or shorts and panties down and sit on the side with my rear over the edge. Be sure to hold onto the boat, then pee in the water. Finished I wipe and drop my TP in the water. As I stand up I pull my panties up then my shorts or jeans. I’ve taught our two daughters to pee this way as well.

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