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A foam-flushing, composting toilet

I’m pretty sure we haven’t written about these before, but in any case MetaEfficient has the scoop on a “foam-flush” toilet by Clivus Multrum (I’ve never heard of them either). It uses a biodegradable soap/water mixture in very small quantities (3 oz) to flush, meaning it’s compatible with composting. Composting toilets are pretty gross, but if you think about toilets in general hard enough, they are all pretty gross. Not to mention toilets use an absurd amount of water (especially if you don’t let yellow mellow), so water savings like this has got to be a good thing. Shout-out to mhh5 on this one.

Composting Toilet

Get the scoop here

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1 Rowsdower98 { 06.13.05 at 8:45 pm }

If it’s brown, flush it down!

2 Porcelain » Blog Archive » Composting Toilets Take 2 { 08.08.05 at 10:13 am }

[…] We’ve written about composting toilets before. Today’s entry however is extra-special because it hails from Canada, just like I do. Enter the Sun-Mar composting toilet, which promises a special storage drum for all your waste that’s going to efficiently make sure every little turd gets composted properly, helping aleviate the smell often associated with such things. Or so they claim, I’ve got no experience with composting toilets myself! However, saving gallons of water every time you flush is a good thing for sure. […]

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