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Peeing in the car – Update

So a little while back, we wrote about the couple that spent a week peeing in their car (not to be confused with the much more impressive journey taken by Louie Mattar). A few details have recently come to light, which make a little more sense. First, is the suggestion that this device is marketed towards people that have bladder issues, and may be unable to make it between rest stops. Having an occasionally hyperactive bladder myself (tip: avoid cranberry juice), I can sympathize. There is no secondly, but we do have some pretty awesome pictures, one of Indipod closed for storage, and one of it open for use.

Indipod - Closed

Indipod - Open

Read the followup article


1 Rowsdower98 { 05.26.05 at 11:13 pm }

Looks like a normal camp toiet to me, for people who don’t like to go in the bushes. There are a bunch of models offered in any sporting goods store. It looks like it would be difficult to use in a car though, unless you had a van.

2 msykes { 05.27.05 at 1:00 pm }

Yeah, they are evidently marketing it towards SUVs, estate cars etc but even those seem a little extreme to me.

I know there are plenty of roadways where there is no easily accesible public bathroom, but I’ve never been on a road that didn’t have some kind of place to turn off, so I’d think that pulling onto a side road and inflating the unit in the middle of nowhere would be an option I’d consider in that situation.

Well, I’d just pee in a bush, but that’s a different matter.

3 Rowsdower98 { 05.30.05 at 6:53 pm }

People are too civilized these days, the world is our toilet!

4 Porcelain » Blog Archive » More Peeing in the Car/Wherever { 07.08.05 at 7:21 am }

[…] So awhile back we wrote about the Indipod in-car toilet. I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but here’s yet another solution for peeing in the car, the Travel John Jr. It’s oddly marketed towards kids being toilet trained, but also serves for peeing in the car, or on the go wherever you are. Its 20 ounce capacity is also supposedly enough for carsickness, but I’m not sure I want to take my chances with the chemicals inside that will transform any liquid into a solid, spill-proof substance. You know, an adult can probably make it to a bathroom, and I don’t know a single kid I’d trust to actually aim well enough to pee into a bag inside a moving car. Talk about a recipe for disaster. If you must, just pull over, but please don’t pee in any waterfalls. […]

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