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Single man gives TP hanging advice

We love reader mail. We especially love the hate mail that we used to get quite a bit of. One of our recent letters comes courtesy of Mark N., who writes the following as a rebuttal to our discussion on hanging the toilet paper:

I think you missed the boat on this answer. First of all a real man never hangs the roll at all. He may work on motors, mow the yard, or clean a deer all day but hanging a roll of paper is to much work. A real man puts it on the edge of the sink, back of the toilet, or on the floor beside the toilet. Come on now……. it truly is too much work to take the empty roll off and put the new one up there.

My wife would kick my ass if I was too lazy to ever bother hanging the new roll. Then again, I’ve never spent the entire day cleaning a deer, so what do I know?!


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